• United Architects (FOA, UN Studio, Greg Lynn Form, Imaginary Forces, Kevin Kennon, and Reiser + Umemoto), Site Proposal for the New World Trade CenterManhattan, NY, c. 2003

  • It is essential to continuously gather information and to make this knowledge available when engaging in dialogues with other specialists with whom we collaborate, both within and outside of the profession.

    —  Ben van Berkel, “On the Open Source Knowledge Platform,” 2013

  • UNstudio, Diagrams for Open Source Knowledge Sharing, 2013

    These diagrams indicate fairly succinctly the practical + theoretical agenda and related design disciplines for UNstudio. It’s also interesting to see their continued fascination with the trefoil motif from the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

  • Ben vn Berkel + Caroline Bos / UN Studio, “Narrative for Mercedes-Benz Museum" in Unfold, Stuttgart, Germany, 2002-6

    Finally found this narrative after looking for two+ years, and it was on the LAS shelf!

  • UN Studio, Interior View of the Möbius House, Het Gooi, Netherlands, 1993-8

    "The organizational and formal structure of the private house is based on a double-locked torus, the mobius loop. The intertwining trajectory of the loop relates to the 24-hour living and working cycle of the family, where individual working spaces and bedrooms are aligned but collective areas are situated at the crossing points of the paths. In a similar manner these unfolding lines are materialized with glass and concrete, swapping the conventional use of these materials."

  • UN Studio, Diagram for Möbius House, Het Gooi, Netherlands, 1993-8

  • UN Studio, Raffles City, Hangzhou, China, c. 2012

  • UN Studio, Museum of the Middle East, Dubai, UAE, 2008

  • UNStudio, Galleria Centercity Department Store, Cheonan, South Korea, 2011

    (Source: ummhello)

  • UN Studio, Tea House on a bunker; a small retreat added to an existing military defense structure, Vreeland, Netherlands, 2006 (via subtilitas)

  • Diagramming II: The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany (2001-5) by UN Studio