• John Edelmann, Decker Building, New York City, NY, 1892-3 (via archiveofaffinities)

  • Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, Times Square Hotel, New York City, NY, 1994 (via archiveofaffinities)

  • RCR Arquitectes, Biblioteca de Sant Antoni, Barcelona, Spain, 2009

  • O&O Baukunst, Landesarchiv NRWDuisburg, Germany, 2014 (via archalles)

  • Rintala Eggertson Architects, Lookout Points, Seljord, Norway, 2011

    "The myth about a sea serpent in the lake of Seljord has become an integral part of how the local people of Telemark conceive its majestic landscape. Tales about mysterious phenomena in the lake have flourished for centuries and are a natural part of the daily life in the area."

  • Lloyd Wright, Concept Elevation for the Holy Cross Cathedral Tower, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1930

  • The Maya Ruins at Palenque, Mexico, c. 1000 CE

    Palenque, not unlike several other Maya and comparable sites, makes a striking case for the sociological distinction between “ruin” and “blight.” Neglected sites engender curiosity or disgust in relation to their historic and age value made manifest in the quality of their materials and design.

  • Valerio Olgiati, Proposal for an Apartment Tower, Lima, Peru, 2010 (via subtilitas)

  • Gillespie, Kidd & CoiaSt Bride’s KirkEast Kilbride, Scotland, c. 1962

  • Gillespie, Kidd & CoiaSt Bride’s Kirk, East Kilbride, Scotland, c. 1962

  • Araldo Cossutta, Credit Lyonnais, Lyon, France, 1975-6 (via archiveofaffinities)

  • Jože Plečnik, Proposal for Slovenian Parliament Building, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1947 (via archiveofaffinities)

  • Carsten Höller, Vitra Slide Tower, Weil am Rhein, Switzerland, 2014 (via ummhello)

  • SeARCHDrawing of Forest TowerPutten, Netherlands, 2004-9

  • SeARCH, Forest Tower, Putten, Netherlands, 2004-9