• Ricardo BofillMaritxell SanctuaryCanillo, Andorra, 1978 (via cjwho)

    'On the evening of a popular holiday in 1972 the ancient Romanesque Sanctuary caught fire and was destroyed. The building complex were left in blackened ruins, survived only by the original apse and vaulting over the altar and laterday bell-tower.'

    (Source: cjwho, via mbelt)

  • Romanesque Bridge, Besalu, Spain, c. 1100

  • Exterior and Ossuary Chapel of the Iglesia de Santa María, Wamba, Spain, c. 1150 CE (via archinect)

  • Alexander Jackson Davis (1803-92) and New York State

    One of the most successful revivalists of the 19th Century, Davis dabbled in nearly every style available to the Romanticists at his time until the Civil War murdered his practice. Almost all of his works lie along the Atlantic Coast, which makes sense given that most of his work occurred before or during the inception of Manifest Destiny. It is his almost purely volumetric massing that interests me the most, especially in the Tudor Villa and other Gothic-Revival buildings not featured here.

    1. Federal Hall, Downtown Manhattan, NY (1833-42)
    2. Tuscan Villa, New Rochelle, NY (1844)
    3. Tudor Villa, New Rochelle, NY (1844)
    4. Sans Souci / Davenport House, New Rochelle, NY (1859)
    5. Lyndhurst / Jay Gould Estate, Tarrytown, NY (1838-64)