• A movie theater is designed to shut out the immediate outside world as much as possible, People usually went in to Rhodes to see images of almost anything but Atlanta and Georgia — Arabia, London, the Orient Express, Fellini’s Rome and 19th century Paris — so it was a fascinating reversal, to revive the theater by showing images of Georgia itself on the walls.

    —  Andrew Alexander, “gloATL + Living Walls at Rhodes Theatre,” Atlanta, GA, 2013

  • Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, Colossus at Rhodes, c. 1800 (via nypl)

  • John Clark Ridpath, Colossus at Rhodes, 1885 (via nypl)

  • Achille Devéria, Imagined Colossus at Rhodes, 1854  (via nypl)

  • Maarten van HeemskerckColossus at Rhodes, 1894  (via nypl)

  • Colossus of Rhodes, Greece, c. 292-80 BCE

  • Grolier Society, Colossus of Rhodes in the Book of Knowledge, c. 292-80 BCE

  • Martin Heemskerck, Colossus of Rhodes from the Seven Wonders of the World Series, c. 1550

  • Colossus of Rhodes, c. 292-80 BCE (via resobscura)

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