• Arabic Star Lists, c. 1065 CE (via oupacademic)

    'The earliest compilation of Ptolemy’s constellations became codified only in the 9th century CE, after it was published in Arabic. It can now be found in the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford.'

    (via mythologyofblue)

  • James Gibbs, Radcliffe Camera at Oxford UniversityOxford, England, c. 1737–49

  • Charles Cockerell, Ashmolean Museum and Taylor Institution at Oxford University, Oxford, England, 1839-45 (via shep)

    "The Ashmolean is the world’s first university museum. Its first building was built in 1678–1683 to house the cabinet of curiosities Elias Ashmole gave Oxford University in 1677.” de Botton relays that Charles Cockerell’s design has been described as criminal since he decided “to place massive Ionic columns, which could have supported four storeys’ worth of masonry, around the outside of the building , where they carried nothing heavier than pots and statues, while leaving the real weight of the structure to be borne by another set of columns concealed within the walls.” 

  • Niall McLaughlin Architects, Sommerville College Dorms, Oxford, England, 2011 (via subtilitas)