• Monument Nine: Jaguar Mouth DoorChalcatzingo, Mexico, c. 700 BCE (via valterscelsi)

  • HGR Arquitectos, MR299, Mexico City, Mexico, 2014 (via ummhello)

  • Legorreta + Legorreta and Vicente Rojo Almazán, Plaza Juarez and Towers, Mexico City, Mexico, 2003-5

  • The Maya Ruins at Palenque, Mexico, c. 1000 CE

    Palenque, not unlike several other Maya and comparable sites, makes a striking case for the sociological distinction between “ruin” and “blight.” Neglected sites engender curiosity or disgust in relation to their historic and age value made manifest in the quality of their materials and design.

  • Map of the Maya Ruins at Palenque, Mexico, c. 1000 CE

    Vast swaths of the ruins at Palenque remain a mystery to archaeologists and architectural historians, shrouded by thick, ancient strata of forest.

  • Tatiana Bilbao, Casa VenturaMonterrey, Mexico, 2014 (via iwanbaan)

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  • Alfred Muller vs. Ricardo Legorreta, Plaza Juarez, Mexico City, Mexico, 2006 (via fiorerosso)

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  • Hans Kabsch Vela, RedHouse, Tulipanes, Mexico, 2014

  • Gerardo Ars, TresVeracruz, Mexico, 2014 (via station)

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  • Christ & GantenbeinPilgrim’s Column for La Ruta del PeregrinoCerro del Obispo, Mexico, 2012

  • Christ & Gantenbein, Pilgrim’s Column for La Ruta del Peregrino, Cerro del Obispo, Mexico, 2012

  • Claudia Turrent + Alejandro d’Acosta Arquitectos, Shipyard Winery, El Porvenir, Mexico, 2014

  • Aerials of Monte AlbanSanta Cruz Xoxocotlán, Mexico, c. 200 CE

  • Office KGDVS, Border Garden, US-Mexico Border, 2005

  • Adolf Loos, Project for a Town Hall, Mexico City, Mexico, 1923