• Gerardo Ars, TresVeracruz, Mexico, 2014 (via station)

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  • Christ & GantenbeinPilgrim’s Column for La Ruta del PeregrinoCerro del Obispo, Mexico, 2012

  • Christ & Gantenbein, Pilgrim’s Column for La Ruta del Peregrino, Cerro del Obispo, Mexico, 2012

  • Claudia Turrent + Alejandro d’Acosta Arquitectos, Shipyard Winery, El Porvenir, Mexico, 2014

  • Aerials of Monte AlbanSanta Cruz Xoxocotlán, Mexico, c. 200 CE

  • Office KGDVS, Border Garden, US-Mexico Border, 2005

  • Adolf Loos, Project for a Town Hall, Mexico City, Mexico, 1923

  • Luis Barragan + Mathias Goeritz, Towers of the Satellite CityMexico City, Mexico, 1957 (via kimzwarts

  • Luis BarragánCasa Gilardi, Mexico City, Mexico, 1976 (via kimzwarts)

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  • Gaeta Springall Arquitectos, Plan of the Memorial to the Victims of Violence, Mexico City, Mexico, 2013 (via nyt lat)

  • Gaeta Springall ArquitectosMemorial to the Victims of ViolenceMexico City, Mexico, 2013 (via nyt lat)

    'The memorial to Mexico’s victims of violence looks like it has been dropped from the sky by an angry God. Welcoming it is not, with its rusted slabs the size of movie screens standing next to a busy intersection. Nor is its mission clear….  But then, you walk a little closer and the slabs begin to speak.'

  • Frida EscobedoLa Tallera SiqueirosCuernavaca, Mexico, 2012 (via nnmprv)

  • at 103TK 139Mexico City, Mexico, c. 2013 (via nnmpr)

  • Tadao Ando, Centro Roberto Garza Sada, Monterrey, Mexico, 2011 (via archindex)

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  • Ricardo Legorreta, Fabrica Automex, Lerma, Mexico, 1963