• Robert and Company, Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, GA, 1967

  • Joseph Amisano, John Knox Presbyterian Church, Marietta, GA, 1964-5

  • The Great Temple of Ramesses the Great, Abu Simbel, Nubia, c. 1250 BCE (via artsatl)

  • Visionary Vanguard, New Concert Hall, Perth, Australia, 2013-4 (via abc)

  • Trix and Robert Haussmann, Lehrstueck, 1978

  • Trix and Robert Haussmann, “Mirror Installation” at Kunsthalle Fri Art, Fribourg, Switzerland, 2014

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  • Bernard Tschumi ArchitectsAlésia Museum and Archaeological ParkAlésia, France, 2003-12 (via ombu)

    Compare with David Adjaye's Moscow School of Management for siting and formal concepts.

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  • Smiljan Radic, Habitación, Chiloé Island, Chile, 1992 (via puga)

  • Airscape Architect’s Studio, 701 House, Kobe, Japan, 2010 (via nakamura)

  • Hiromi FujiiTodoroki Residence, Ichikawa, Japan, 1976, (via ryanpanos)

    This house within a house appropriates “the radical use of the grid [to produce] an evolution of the traditional Japanese interior planning, where spaces were combined in layers. Every element which composes a conventional house is reinvented and relocated. The façades are just the exterior container of the multiple sequences of spaces nesting one within another. The openings are multilayered: they don’t just connect the interiors with the exteriors, but penetrate right into the core of the building. Their location and dimension, as well as for every interior wall, always refer to the three-dimensional main grid and its sub-divisions.”

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  • David Roberts, Interior of the Cathedral of St Stephen, Vienna, Austria, 1853

  • Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Casa no ButantãSão Paulo, Brazil, 1966 (via nelsonkon)

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  • March StudioNishi Building, Canberra, Australia, 2014 (via colossal)

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  • ITN Architects, The Hive Apartment, Melbourne, Australia, 2012

  • Kim Swoo Geun, Space Group Office, Seoul, South Korea, 1971-97 (via style)