• Miller Hull, Davis Residence, Bellingham, WA, 2009 (via archalles)

  • Legorreta + Legorreta, Pavilion Hacienda Matao, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2014

  • Carlos Castanheira, Casa Madalena, Madalena, Portugal, 2008

  • Carlos CastanheiraCasa Avenal, Avenal, Portugal, 2014

  • Christian Pottgiesser, Maison L, Yvelines, France, 2011 (via dupin)

  • Matthias Bauer, Haus H36, Stuttgart, Germany, 2012 (via halbe)

  • NO Architecture, Courtyard House, Aurora, OR, 2014 (via iwanbaan)

    (Source: subtilitas)

  • A house is an artwork that you can live in.

    —  Charles Holland of FAT, “On Art and Architecture,” 2014

  • Vo Trong Nghia Architects, Green Renovation, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2014

  • Sami Rintala, Land(e)scape, Savonlinna, Finland, 1999

    "Three abandoned barnhouses lifted on wooden legs to be able to follow their farmers to the cities. Barns were set on fire during a traditional slaughter carnival by dancer Reijo Kela. The work was commenting on the desertification process of the Finnish countryside, fastest in the EU.”

  • Aldo van Eyck, Schmela Haus, Dusseldorf, Germany, 1971 (via kukulies)

    (Source: anke-ernst.net, via mbelt)

  • Lloyd Wright, John Sowden House, Los Angeles, CA, 1926

  • Gueron and Lepp, Gueron House, East Hampton, NY, 1978 (via archiveofaffinities)

  • Massimo MarazziCasa 1, Coldrerio, Switzerland, c. 2014 (via introini)

    (Source: subtilitas)

  • Glenn Howells, Moat House, Dorsington, England, 2003 (via subtilitas)