• Tony Berlant, The Marriage of New York and Athens, 1966 (via archiveofaffinities)

  • Carl Rottmann, The Battlefield at Marathon, 1849

  • Alfred EisenstaedtWaterdam, Marathon, Greece, 1934 (via poboh)

    (via landscapearchitecture)

  • Louis Dupre, The Parthenon, Athens, Greece, c. 1820

  • Knowing letters is the best beginning of understanding.

    —  Ancient Greek Aphorism, c. 300 BCE

  • Bruna Canepa, Acropolis, SP, 2011 (via socks)

    (Source: miniatura77)

  • Fred Boissonnas, Οn the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis, Athens, Greece, 1903 (via polychroniadis)

    (Source: sigourapote)

  • Alphonse Mucha, Holy Mount Athos, 1926

  • Gustave Moreau, Oedipus and the Sphinx, 1864

  • Sir Banister Fletcher, “Evolution of the Corinthian Capital" from A History of Architecture, 1950

  • Thomas ColeL’Allegro, 1845

  • With this project we aim to expose the generic nature of the polykatoikia, while recovering the architecture of the city beyond the pixel of the single dwelling. Instead of a master plan we propose a catalogue of architectural actions that aim to connect the fragmented dwellings into coherent and formally finite collective urban forms. These forms are the courtyard, the block, the street, and the most collective layer of the city: the ground floor.

    —  Pier Vittorio Aureli, Maria S. Giudici, Platon Issaias, “From Dom-ino to Polykatoikia,” Athens, Greece, 2011

  • Ji Hyun Woo, Polykatoikia Typology: CloisterAthens, Greece, 2011 (via aurelli)

  • Hyun Soo Kim, Polykatoikia Typology: TheatreAthens, Greece, 2011 (via aurelli)

  • Davide Sacconi, Polykatoikia Typology: EntablatureAthens, Greece, 2011 (via aurelli)