• PBS, Berlin-Tempelhof Airport on Unusual Spaces,” Berlin, Germany, 2014

  • Simon Ungers, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe Proposal, Berlin, Germany, 1995

  • Portrait of Rotraut, Krefeld, Germany, 1961

  • Portrait of Yves KleinKrefeld, Germany, 1961 (via archives)

  • Yves Klein, Fire Wall and Fire Fountain at the Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, Germany, 1961

  • El Lissitzky, Proposed Flag Station for the Soviet Pavilion at the Pressa Exhibition, Cologne, Germany, 1928 (via rosswolfe)

  • Arthur Rackham, Siegfried Awakens Brünnhilde, c. 1910

  • Arthur RackhamThe Dwarf Alberich Steals the Gold from the Rhinemaidens, c. 1910

  • Arthur RackhamThe Dwarf Alberich Tries to Reach the Rhinemaidens, c. 1910

  • Arthur RackhamThe Rhinemaidens, c. 1910

  • Bearth & Deplazes, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Marktoberdorf, Germany, 2001

  • Andreas GefellerOhne Titel (Plattenbau 1), Berlin, Germany, 2004 (via drawingarch)

  • Ludwig Mies van der RoheLange and Esters HousesKrefeld, Germany, 1930 (via subtilitas)

    (via praxismakesperfect)

  • Germany’s highest tower block will be visible across the city, but there will be no compensation for its direct environment. The investor is allowed to build, but the city is getting nothing in return.

    —  Antje Kapek, “On the Gehry Skyscraper for Berlin,” Germany, 2014 (via guardian)

  • Reuter + Werr, Funerary ChapelWalsdorf, Germany, 2004 (via dieterweiss)

    (Source: subtilitas)