• Simon Ungers, Errat Ecclesia, 2004

  • Simon Ungers, Museum for Russian Revolutionary Art, 2004

  • Simon Ungers, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe Proposal, Berlin, Germany, 1995

  • PhilolaosWater Towers, Valence, France, 1963-71 (via polychroniadis)

  • UKZ Design, Knee Residence, North Caldwell, NJ, 1983-6 (via baunetz)

  • Kenzo Tange, Yamanashi Press and Broadcasting Building, Kofu, Japan, 1964-7 (via project)

  • Jeff Hester and Paul Scowen, The Eagle Nebula with Pillars of Creation and Stellar Spire, 1995

    Architecture in Space.

  • Michael Hansmeyer, The Sixth Order at the Gwangju Design Biennale, Gwangju, South Korea,  c. 2011

  • Michael HansmeyerSubdivided Columns, 2010-1

  • Gramazio and KohlerThe Programmed Column at ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, 2009 (via vimeo)

  • Luther Utterback, Five Stones and a Ginko, Des Moines, IA, 1979 (via iowa)

  • Abelardo Morell, Paper Self, 2012

  • Hilden & Diaz, Forms in Nature, 2012

  • Richard DeaconMammoth, 1989

    (Source: ummhello)

  • Richard Deacon
Lock, 1990

    (Source: ummhello)