• Kurt Kranz, Ostinato or Rhythmic Order, 1957

  • Fritz Wotruba, Wotruba Church, Vienna, Austria, 1976

  • Joseph Altschuler, Mari Altschuler, and Zachary Morrison, “Oscar Upon a Time” for Fairy Tales Competition, 2014

  • Allyson Vieira, “Ozymandias" at Laurel Gitlen, New York City, NY, 2010

  • My soul is wrought to sing of forms transformed to bodies new and strange! Immortal Gods inspire my heart, for ye have changed yourselves and all things you have changed! Oh lead my song in smooth and measured strains, from olden days when earth began to this completed time!

    —  Ovid, “Prologue” from Metamorphoses, 8 CE (via etext)

  • Now these I named derive their origin from other living forms. There is one bird which reproduces and renews itself: the Assyrians gave this bird his name—the Phoenix. He does not live either on grain or herbs, but only on small drops of frankincense and juices of amomum. When this bird completes a full five centuries of life straightway with talons and with shining beak he builds a nest among palm branches, where they join to form the palm tree’s waving top. As soon as he has strewn in this new nest the cassia bark and ears of sweet spikenard, and some bruised cinnamon with yellow myrrh, he lies down on it and refuses life among those dreamful odors.—And they say that from the body of the dying bird is reproduced a little Phoenix which is destined to live just as many years. When time has given to him sufficient strength and he is able to sustain the weight, he lifts the nest up from the lofty tree and dutifully carries from that place his cradle and the parent’s sepulchre. As soon as he has reached through yielding air the city of Hyperion, he will lay the burden just before the sacred doors within the temple of Hyperion.

    —  Ovid, “The Myth of the Phoenix" from Metamorphoses, 8 CE (via etext)

  • Simon Ungers, Errat Ecclesia, 2004

  • Simon Ungers, Museum for Russian Revolutionary Art, 2004

  • Simon Ungers, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe Proposal, Berlin, Germany, 1995

  • PhilolaosWater Towers, Valence, France, 1963-71 (via polychroniadis)

  • UKZ Design, Knee Residence, North Caldwell, NJ, 1983-6 (via baunetz)

  • Kenzo Tange, Yamanashi Press and Broadcasting Building, Kofu, Japan, 1964-7 (via project)

  • Jeff Hester and Paul Scowen, The Eagle Nebula with Pillars of Creation and Stellar Spire, 1995

    Architecture in Space.

  • Michael Hansmeyer, The Sixth Order at the Gwangju Design Biennale, Gwangju, South Korea,  c. 2011

  • Michael HansmeyerSubdivided Columns, 2010-1