• Toyo ItoZa-Koenji Public Theatre, Tokyo, Japan, 2009 (via archalles)

    (via architectureuberalles)

  • Christian de Portzamparc, Cheval Blanc Winery, Saint Emilion, France, 2006-11

  • Christian Pottgiesser, Galvani House, Paris, France, 2003 (via bassewitz)

  • Clement L. DenningtonThe Floating Church of the Redeemer, Philadelphia, PA, c. 1849-53 (via polychroniadis)

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  • Dissecting the built environment and mining the fields of modernism, be it art or architecture, are through lines of my work. Recently, my practice has been influenced by a realization that my community in Atlanta is becoming increasingly void of its history as it reaches for a future of hopeful prosperity, constantly destroying to build again. This fluid evolution of the built environment interests me. By working with the materials used and discarded in this process − the cinder block, I-beam, plywood, sheet rock and plaster − I am trying to understand and capture the essence and power of these forms. My work is a visually abstracted form of documentation, a perspective that re-contextualizes the build environment. I strive to present the beauty of these pedestrian objects such that they become extraordinary. In many ways, I am celebrating and elevating those things that people take for granted.

    —  Scott Ingram, “Artist Statement,” 2014 (via burnaway)

  • Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Arboretum for the Gjeovik Care Center, Gjeovik, Norway, 2011

  • Gillespie, Kidd & CoiaSt Bride’s Kirk, East Kilbride, Scotland, c. 1962

  • Star from the Sinbad Motel, Miami, FL, c. 1992

  • Jaume Plensa, Semen-Blood / Sex-Religion / Love-Hate / Saint-Sinner / Matter-Spirit, 1999-2005

  • Jaume Plensa, Wanderers Nachtlied, 1998

  • Jaume Plensa, Love Sounds I-V, 1998

  • Jaume Plensa, La Riva de Acheronte / Dessin d’un maitre inconnu, 1995-9

  • Arturo Herman Medrano, Collage 934, 2014 (via convulsive)

  • Sol LeWitt, From the Word Art Blue Lines to Four Corners, Green Lines to Four Sides, and Red Lines Between the Words Art on the Printed Page, 1972 (via visible)

  • Andrew Heumann, Cube Subtract, 2011