• Stephen Willats, Surfing With The Attractor, 2012 (via grupaok)

    (Source: southlondongallery.org)

  • NP2F Architectes, Plan and Section of the Fashion Museum, Tokyo, Japan, c. 2010 (via n-architektur)

    (via archidose)

  • Le Corbusier, Villa Stein, Garches, France, 1925-7 (via aqqindex)

    (via rosswolfe)

  • Alvar Aalto, Villa Mairea, Helsinki, Finland, 1953 (via grossman)

    (via architectureuberalles)

  • D. Kantorovich, Perspective of a Train Station, Saratov, USSR, 1929 (via rosswolfe)

  • Enric MirallesDrawings of the Architecture of War, c. 1990

  • Sylvano Bussotti, La Passion Selon Sade, 1966

  • Sylvano Bussotti, Pièces de chair II, 1970 (via aunoauno)

  • Sylvano Bussotti, Pieces de chair II, 1960

  • Aerial of Mims Park, Atlanta, GA, 1949

  • Rodney Mims Cook Jr., Plan of the Proposed Redesign of Mims Park, Atlanta, GA, 2012

  • John Charles Olmsted with James Ellis, Plan of Mims Park, Atlanta, GA, 1904 (via rodneycook)

  • Frank Lloyd Wright, Cottage Studio for Ayn Rand, 1946

  • Rashel Smolenskaia, House of Congresses, 1929 (via vkhutein)

  • James Teit, Cosmological Diagram and Plan of the Pit House, Canada, 1928 (via jarzombek)