• Kenzo Tange, Yamanashi Press and Broadcasting Building, Kofu, Japan, 1964-7 (via project)

  • Michael Hansmeyer, Hall of Columns, 2010-1

  • Plan of the Baths of the Forum, Ostia Antica, Italy, 193-395 CE

  • Lord Aeck SargentMark Jefferson Science Complex at Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI, c. 2010

  • Richard Misrach, “Holy Rosary Cemetery and Dow Chemical Corporation (Union Carbide Complex)” from Cancer AlleyTaft, LA, 1998-2012 (via high)

  • Plan of Grady Medical Center Park, Atlanta, GA, 1939

  • Pietro Belluschi and Pier Luigi Nervi, St. Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco, CA, 1971 (via archiveofaffinities)

  • A pyramid is not a sole object; it is part of a structural complex connected to each other. This includes the pyramid itself, the funerary temple, the side pyramid, solar boat pits, the ramp and the valley temple.

    —  Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud, “On the Pyramids,” Giza, Egypt, 2013

  • Kazuyo SejimaKitagata Apartment Building, Gifu, Japan, 2000 (via subtilitas)

    'A complex modular system based on a variety of environmentalcontextual, and habitable considerations.’

    (Source: subtilitas)

  • Architecture is used by political leaders to seduce, to impress, and to intimidate.

    —  Deyan SudjicThe Edifice Complex, c. 2005

  • For an architect, in the instant that he has undivided attention of a patron with the power to realize his designs, literally nothing else matters; not a fire alarm, not even an earthquake; there is nothing else to talk about but architecture.

    —  Deyan Sudjic, The Edifice Complex, c. 2005

  • For me, color is one of the most complex things in the world because it’s always so different in different lights, different quantities at different times of the day, and when juxtaposed against other colors the actuality and the appearance are two different things. Maybe I’ve been very tentative about color because I tend to think that monochromatic schemes are the best. It has also has to do with the fact that people change things. Maybe if you’re tentative about the coloring then that’s an invitation for them to change, I don’t know. One of the aspects of color that fascinates me is the reflected light from the color. I have worked with concrete, at least earlier, a great deal and I would often make a very warm-toned carpeting. The reflected light changed the concrete and bathed it in a warm light. I find much architecture very offensive in terms of its color, as a matter of fact.

    —  Paul RudolphInterview with Robert Bruegmann, 1986

  • Aerial Rendering of Medient Studioplex, Effingham County, GA, 2013

  • Reyner Banham, historian of megastructures, distinguished them from merely large complexes by the inclusion of a “ludic” element.

    —  Michael SorkinTwenty Minutes in Manhattan, 2009

  • Richard Horden Architects + Building Design Partnership, Glasgow Tower and Science Center, Glasgow, Scotland, 2001 (via earchitect)