• P.F. Collier & Son, Map of Manhasset Bay, Long Island, NY, 1917

    F. Scott Fitzgerald renamed Great Neck as “West Egg” and Cow Neck as “East Egg” in The Great Gatsby. One of the most famous examples of linguistic manipulation of territory in literature, and how the potential identity of a place can be chosen or interpreted by an author for dramatic intent. Another example would be the cities of graphic novels, such as Metropolis or Gotham, which function as agglomerated cosmopoleis where the dynamic formalism of plot subverts the geographic truth of setting.

  • Bill Watterson, Calvin and HobbesNovember 181985

    The first Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, which takes me back a good bit to 3rd Grade when I read most of these comics in their anthologies. I like that still find them as funny as I do philosophically (John Calvin + Thomas Hobbes) and sociologically interesting. 

  • Linda Tischler and Kirk Manley, “Bjarke Ingels: Global Architect on a Mission,” Masters of Design 2010 Interview # 2, Fast Company Magazine, Oct. 2010

  • NO DICE… (via comicallyvintage)