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6:07pm on April 15th, 2014

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    we like to build
    and we believe in reality.
    but we also believe in possibilities.

    we imagine alternatives
    and we rethink the givens.
    we search for meaning.

    we think of architecture
    as a place of habitation
    as a social construct
    as a space for the life of human beings.

    we see beauty in rawness and refinement,
    in dematerialization or even monumentality.
    we are interested in how architecture creates memories
    and how it creates stories.

    we are interested in narratives,
    in the stories that could be imagined
    and that could unfold
    within the spaces we create.

    design is simply a tool
    it is the tool we use in our work,
    but it is not our work’s meaning or content.

    architecture should connect
    the people that inhabit it,
    the people that imagine it,
    cultures and natures,
    technologies and materials,
    psychologies and experiences.

    we are inspired by complexity.
    by its beauty and freedom,
    by its subversive nature,
    by its inability to be completely defined.

    but we are also committed to clarity,
    to a strong rationale and logic,
    and to a thorough understanding
    of whatever is at stake.

    we are professionals,
    but we question our own assumptions.
    we don’t simply tell you what you want to hear,
    but we try to identify what you should know.

    we do not only observe or analyze,
    but we engage and become involved.
    and we change our own position
    while we change our environment.

    architecture is about responsibility
    and it requires the fullest commitment
    to its realities and its fantasies,
    to its demanding and intricate process.

    we are partly european
    and partly asian.
    our minds and experiences
    are a hybrid of different cultures
    and contexts.

    we are interested in what we can learn
    and how our own position
    creates links between the multiple realities
    the world is embedded in.

    we engage in an exploration of strategies
    rather than the implementation
    of predefined methods and matrixes.
    knowledge is as important
    as the ability to think things anew
    and differently.

    we believe in our intuition
    and we believe in its utmost importance
    for everything we do.

    —  Buro Ole Schereen, Positions and Intentions, c. 2013