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8:51pm on October 24th, 2012

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    1. nickkahler posted this

    Rafael Viñoly Architects, Renovation for Battersea Power Station, London, England, c. 1929-45  (via bbc)

    This past summer, Chelsea FC made an offer to buy the Battersea Power Station of Pink Floyd fame, but a Malaysian developer outmanoeuvred them with a 400 Million Pound bid for the property. The developers subsequently hired Rafael Viñoly Architects and they came up with this rather unimaginative developer-driven scheme. I can’t help comparing the project with that of City Hall East in Atlanta, where a massive, industrial, brick, towering, mid-century quasi-modern structure was purchased from the government and then developed without the sort of fantastic quality derserving of the place. The fusion of old and new can yield some of the best designs I can imagine, and it certainly is shameful to me to see these situations eclipsed by capitalist adjendas, especially when they are done by companies from the other side of the world with no vested interest in the problem of the city other than the bottom line.