• Gustav KlimtNymphs (Silver Fish), 1899 (via chimney)

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  • Herbert Bayer, Monument to Walter Paepcke at Aspen Grove Cemetery, Burlington, IA, 1961 (via archiveofaffinities)

  • John McCracken, Infinite / Electron / Star / Dimension, 2010

  • John McCracken, Galileo / Saturn1989 / 2000

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  • Luciano Fabro, Stage Production (Cube of Mirrors), 1967-75 (via grupaok)

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  • Luciano Fabro, In Cube, 1966 (via grupaok)

  • Michael Borremans, The House of Opportunity, 2003

  • Michael Borremans, Trickland, 2002

  • Michael Borremans, A Mae West Experience, 2002

  • Michael Borremans, The Cabinet of Souls, 2000

  • Donald Drawbertson, Carine’s Shoe Collection, 2014 (via crfashion)

  • The Atlanta region is home to half the state’s population and accounts for 71 percent of its economy. But conservative rural and suburban lawmakers have long looked to starve Atlanta of funding for infrastructure and squash its liberal social policies. … Of the 5.5 million people living in the 28-county Atlanta region, only 447,841 reside in the city itself, which is 54 percent black, according to U.S. Census data. Sixty percent of Georgia’s 10 million residents are white, and the majority vote Republican. White flight from the city decades ago helped fuel the sprawl in surrounding counties, whose residents have consistently opposed efforts to revive Atlanta’s urban core.

    —  Margaret Newkirk, “Atlanta vs. Georgia,” 2014

  • Atlanta’s is a convulsive architecture that will eventually acquire beauty. Sometimes there are prefigurations, occasional schemes that seem to intellectualize the new freedoms.

    —  Rem Koolhaas, “Atlanta" in SMLXL, 1987/94

  • Architecture has always equated greatness with the breaking of rules. Now you can be great through their effortless application. Only a postmodern architect can design building proposals of huge scale and complexity in a day, any day. Postmodernism is not a movement; it is a new form of professionalism, of architectural education, not one that creates knowledge or culture, but a technical training that creates a new unquestioning, a new efficacy in applying new, streamlined dogma.

    —  Rem Koolhaas, “Atlanta" in SMLXL, 1987/94

  • Architecture is no longer the construction of city but, like a new branch of physics, the outcome of the dynamics of force fields of perpetual motion, that precious professional alibi of the architect - the mystical ‘spark’ of inspiration - is obviously outdated.

    —  Rem Koolhaas, “Atlanta" in SMLXL, 1987/94